The WCDC2018 organisers are delighted to announce the final programme.

Monday 25 June

08.00 Registration
10.00Opening Ceremony
John Hume Lecture Theatre 1(JHL1)
Opening Plenary
Introduction to the conference:
Anastasia Crickley, Conference Chairperson
Keynote address:
Mary Robinson, Mary Robinson Foundation-Climate Justice
11.15 – 11.45Tea/coffee
Opportunity to add to the conference wall
Poster Presentations Open (School of Education Foyer)
11.45 – 13.00Continued dialogue on current contexts and challenges for community development led by:
– Anita Paul, Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation
– Peter Westoby, Activist, Analyst & Academic.

Interactive discussion space for participants. 
Short Concluding Responses
– Muhammad Bello Shito, Nigeria
– Ronnie Fay, Ireland
13.00Networking lunch

Mixed Irish and Visitor Tables

Poster Presentations continue (School of Education Foyer)

13:15 Rohingya Exhibition Launch (Library)

Ken Saro – Wiwa Archive (Library)

14.30 – 16.00Parallel Panel Sessions I

School of Education SE133-DR
1. Community Development: European Challenges and Irish Issues
• The key role of Community Development in Combating Poverty and
Social Exclusion: Hugh Frazer
• Is it time to consider a new Community Development Programme?:
Paul Skinnader, Maria Farry
• What now for Community Development in Europe?: Stuart Hashagen
• Has the Tide Turned? The Future of Community Work in Ireland Part 1:
Ann Irwin, Rachel Doyle
• Supporting Community Development in Ireland – An Emerging National
Policy Context: David Dalton

School of Education SE009- L6
2. Climate Justice and Sustainable Development
• Exploring Paradigms for Community Development: Growing Earth as
Community using Action Research: Helena Mary Kettleborough
• Creating an Enabling Environment for Grassroots Community-Led
Development in Southern Africa: Challenges and Prospects for Success:
Vhiga Hope Luke
• Theorising the Environment in Community Work: Lessons from an Irish
Environmental Justice Campaign: Jamie Gorman
• Keeping Pace with a Changing Climate: Libby Carnahan

School of Education SE010-L5
3. Change and Transformation: Right Wing Populism and Community Work:
What does history require now of Community Development?
• Right Wing Populism and Community Development:
Contrasting Ambivalences about Modernity: Jim Ife
• Malignant Populism and Community Work, What Does History Require now of Community Development?: Peter Westoby
Participation, Power and Progress: Community Development towards 2030 – Our Analysis, Our Actions

School of Education SE011-L4
4. Community Development and Travellers in Ireland
• Social Justice in the Justice System – Community Work with Travellers
in Prison: Anne Costello
• Origins, Options, Obstacles and Influences on Community Development with
the Irish Traveller Community: Ronnie Fay, Anastasia Crickley, Martin Collins,
Tessa Collins, Rosaleen McDonagh

School of Education SE012-L3
5. Community Work and Women’s Rights
• Feminism and Community work – a Nordic Perspective towards 2030:
Päivi Turunen
• English Rural Community Practice: Sources of Conflict and Difference around
Women’s Roles: Ann Hindley
• Creating the Conditions – Our Story to Tell: Dearbhla Ryan

School of Education SE013-L2
6. Impact and Outcomes: Measuring and Monitoring
• Evaluating Community Development: Denis Leamy
• Measuring and Monitoring US Community Development Block Grant Action
Plans: Huston Gibson
• Making Sense of Program Evaluation in Community Development
Organisations: Leanne Kelly
• Evaluating your Community Development Work through a New Lens: An
Exploration of Qualitative Indicators: Rebecca Sero

School of Education SE014-L1
7. Place, Housing and Health
• The Scottish Place Standard: John Howie
• Planning for Healthy Child Development: Impact of Social Neighborhood on
Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Anna Santiago
• Enhancing the Value of Public Spaces: Creating Healthy Communities:
Michael Wilcox

Practice Workshops I

School of Education SE230-L12
8. Has Community Development Lost its Way?: Fiona Ballantyne, Colette McGarva

School of Education SE128-L11
9. Rights, Recognition, Regularisation: Community Work Approach to Working
for Change with Undocumented Migrants: Helen Lowry, Champa
Wanniarachchi, Irene Jagoba Tabi, Mairead McDevitt

School of Education SE129-L10
10. Dilemmas Cafe: Exploring Ethical and Political Challenges in Community
Development: Sarah Banks

Iontas Lecture Theatre
11(a) Ripple Effects Mapping: An Innovative Way to Measure your Impact and Outcomes: Debra Hansen, Rebecca Sero, Lorie Higgins (45 minutes)
11(b) Using Ripple Effect Mapping to Capture Community Outcomes:
Cheryl Burkhart- Kriesel (45 minutes)

Assemble Iontas Building Foyer
12. Maynooth Green Campus Biodiversity Walk

16.00 – 16.30Tea/Coffee breakBook launches
16.30 -18:00 Parallel Panel Sessions II

School of Education SE133-DR
1. Community Work: Global Challenges and Irish Issues
• Has the Tide Turned? The Future of Community Work in Ireland Part 2:
Ann Irwin, Rachel Doyle
• Local Government & Community Development – the English Perspective:
Rob Gregory
• Managerial-ism in the Community Sector: Clare Cashman

School of Education SE009 -L6
2. Change and Transformation: from Gandhi to Alinsky and beyond
• Rocking the Boat while Staying in It – Radical Community Work Praxis and
Phronesis: Oonagh Mc Ardle
• Reimagining and Radicalising Community Development Through Popular
Education: Tina Lathouras
• Civil Mass and Non-Violent Momentum: Towards a Praxis of Gandhian Civil
Resistance and Alinskyian Community Organising in Authoritarian Contexts:
Jason MacLeod
• A New Reveille for Radicals?: Martin Purcell

School of Education SE010-L5
3. Community Work and Women’s Rights
• Gender: An Overarching Determinant of Women’s Health and Wellbeing
Neglected by Community Development: Rosalie Doherty
• Women’s Community Leadership: A Preliminary Model of Women’s
Engagement in the Leadership of Community Governance Structures in
Jamaica: Warren Thompson
• Breaking the Silence: Community Radio, Women and Empowerment:
Annette Rimmer
• Gender-Blind Funding Allocation in Hong Kong District Councils:
Yuen Hung Fok
Participation, Power and Progress: Community Development towards 2030 – Our Analysis, Our Actions

School of Education SE011-L4
4. From Poverty to Social Inclusion in Africa and Europe
• Community Development Approach for Poverty Alleviation – Case Study Le
Morne: Priscilla Ladegourdie-Ravaton
• Participation, Power and Network Relationships in Christian Social Action on
Debt: Andrew Orton
• Finding a Way Back: Older Men’s Life Stories of Loss and Reconnection:
Tommy Coombes
• A Drop or a Ripple? Inclusion in Community Development Practice. A Kenyan
Experience: Nancy Biwott

School of Education SE012-L3
5. Impact and Outcomes: Measuring and Monitoring
• Measuring Community Mobilisation on Complex Social Issues:
Cristy Trewartha
• A New Tool to Measure Community Mobilisation: Cristy Trewartha
• Capacity Building as Research Protocol in Southern Somalia: Holly Scheib,
Mohamed Osman Mohamoud
• Biting the Hand that Feeds Us: John Stansfield

School of Education SE013-L2
6. Rural Community Development
• Together: researchers and villagers working on Livability in rural villages:
Korrie Melis, Hilde Wierda-Boer
• Intervention Strategy for Enhancing Livelihoods of Restituted Farm
Beneficiaries in South Africa: Moses Tjale

Practice Workshops II

School of Education SE014-L1
7. (a) Development Education Network-Liberia’s Experiential Workshop:
Dorothy Toomann, C. Alpina Clay (45 minutes)
(b) Keeping Traveller’s Hopes of Home Alive: Stories of Knowledge and
Resistance: Bridget Kelly, Margaret Ó Riada (45 minutes)

School of Education SE230-L12
8. How Uplift – People Powered Change is Mobilising for Change and
Transformation in Ireland: Siobhán O’Donoghue

School of Education SE128-L11
9. Learning Community Development through Chain Reactions? Methods
Practitioners Use for Sharing Practices: Jen Wingat

16.30Film screenings & Artistic Responses

16.30 SE129-10
Artistic Response: Cakes with Love, Tracie Mefileo

16.30 Iontas Lecture Theatre
Film Screening: The Da-an River Tribal Kitchen, Yinghao Huang
Film Screening: A Filmic Approach to Engaged Scholarship in Pittsburgh’s
at-risk Communities, Ken Tamminga
18.30Conference Reception Pugin HallShort Musical Interlude – Úna Ní Fhlannagáin – leading Irish harpist and composer
21:30Songs of Struggle Social Gathering

Tuesday 26 June

8.00 – 9.0008.00 Community Work/Development Educators’ ForumSchool of Education Drama Room 133
8.30 – 9.30Registration – Iontas Building

Poster Presentations continue (School of Education Foyer)
Rohinga Exhibition continues (Library)
9.30 – 10.45Global Peoples and Local Conflicts: Framing Community Development for
Today’s World

Bernadette McAliskey, South Tyrone Empowerment Programme, N. Ireland
Francisco Cali Tzay, Global Indigenous Peoples Leader, Guatemala
Jim Ife, Activist, Analyst and Academic, Australia
Plenary dialogue and discussion
11.00Tea/Coffee Break
11.15 – 12.45Parallel Panel Sessions III

School of Education SE133-DR
1. Rural Community Development
• The Changing Role of LEADER in Community Development – the Irish
Experience: Brendan O’Keeffe
• Community Development from a Cooperative Extension Perspective: Paul
Lachapelle, Lisa Terry, Stephanie Davison
• Group Dynamics and Rural Livelihoods Improvements’ under the Sudan
Savanna Taskforce Project of The Kano – Katsina –Maradi – (KKM) Pilot
Learning Site (PLs) of the Sub-Saharan Africa- Challenge Programme:
Muhammad Bello Shitu
• Why do we Tolerate Income inequality? NEWKD Economic Inequality
Programme: Robert Carey

School of Education SE009-L6
2. Climate Justice and Sustainable Development
• Greening the Campus as Community Development: Joe Larragy
• Improving Sustainable Access and Use of Basic Hygiene and Sanitation
Services to Poor and Underserved Rural Households in Ghana:
Salifu Issifu Kanton
• Building Resilient Communities in Rural Africa: The Role of Ecological Parks:
Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie
• Sustainability Development of Bamboo and Food Production in Ghana:
Sarah Anim

School of Education SE010-L5
3. Community Economic Development: Pitfalls and Possibilities
• Start-up Motivations for Agri-tourism Businesses in South Korea: Gary
Goreham, Duk-Byeong Park, Kim Kyung-Hee
• The ‘Write’ Way to CED: ‘Create to Relate’ Publishing in Pukatawagan,
Canada: Janice Seto
• Community Supported Enterprises in Rural Areas: Norman Walzer
• Tourism Investments’ Economic Contribution to Rural Livelihoods in South
Africa and Kenya: Towards a Community-driven Sustainable Tourism Strategy: Susan Matiku

School of Education SE011-L4
4. Engaging Young People and Working for LGBTQI Rights
• Governing Irish Youth Work Through Outcomes: Sinead McMahon
• LGBTI young people in Irish Public Policy from Decriminalisation to
Marriage Equality: Michael Barron

School of Education SE012-L3
5. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights
• Weaving a Dream Together: Connecting Cultures and Knowledge with
Wayúu Women: Alejandro Valderrama Herrera, Camilo Conde Aldana
• Supporting Protection, Integration and Resources in Tribes (SPIRIT) in Northern
New Mexico: Holly Scheib, Po Chen
• Solidarity and Resilience: Case Studies about Solidarity Economy in Taiwan:
Yinghao Huang
• Citizen Action in the Ger Areas of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: Bayartsetseg
Terbish, Margot Rawsthorne
• Capturing Success – a Move to Strength Based Monitoring and Reporting
Measures: Stephanie Harvey

School of Education SE013-L2
6. Responding to Conflict and Post-Conflict Engagement
• Local Peace Trajectories in Hybrid Peace: From Assessment Workshops to
Collaborative Practice: Aura Liliana Lopez
• Justice Dialogue: A Community Toolkit for Post-conflict Transition:
Eilish Rooney
• Community Based Reintegration of Ex-combats: A Tool for Peace Construction in Colombia: Katherine Coronado
• Is Conflict Resolution bad for Community Development?:
Cristina Asenjo Palma

School of Education SE014-L1
7. Ethics and Values
• Values-Led Community Development: Niall Crowley
• Sluts, Social Workers, and Structure: Justine O’Sullivan
• Being “Edgy” or Being Employed? The Ethical Tensions of Modern
Community Workers: Lynda Shevellar
• The Social Dimension of Sustainable Neighborhood Design: Comparing Two
Neighborhoods in Freiburg, Germany: Craig Talmage,
David Pijawka, Bjoern Hagen

School of Education SE230-L12
8. Urban Issues in Europe and Asia
• Policy Advocacy Practice: A Reluctant Approach in Community Work of Hong
Kong: Kin-kwok Lai
• Listening to the Voices of Deptford: A Community Development Initiative:
Roger Green
• Care and Control – Creating Safe and Sustainable Communities: Joe Donohue

Practice Workshops III

School of Education SE128-L11
9 (a) Reproductive Rights for All Women – a Practice Issue in Community Work:
Trish Brennan (45 minutes)
(b) Feminism and Community Work Practice: Catherine Lane, Miriam Holt
(45 minutes)

School of Education SE129-L10
10. Power, Rights and Resilience: Clare MacGillivray, Nicola Browne, Justine Bradd, Chloe Trew, Heather Ford

Iontas Lecture Theatre
11. 30 Years of Community Work With and By Traveller Women: Maria Joyce,
Margaret Casey, Anne Burke, Eileen Flynn

13.00 – 14.30Networking Lunch
Book Launch Panel, Iontas Lecture Theatre
13.20 Peter Westoby & Anthony Kelly
Participatory Development Practice: Using traditional and contemporary
frameworks, Practical Action Press (1st edition) (2018)

13.30 Stuart Hashagen
‘Inclusion – Justice – Participation: The Community Development Journey’,
European Community Development Network (2018)

13.40 Gary Craig (ed)
Community Organising against Racism (5th edition), Bristol: Policy Press (2017)

13.50 Keith Popple
Analysing Community Work: Theory and Practice (2nd edition), Open University Press (2015)

14.00 Alan Twelvetrees
Community Development, Social Action and Social Planning,
Macmillan Eduction UK (2017), Palgrave, Basingstoke (2008)

14:30 – 16:00Parallel Panel Sessions IV

School of Education SE133-DR
1. Global Issues and Local Challenges
• Changing Tasmanian Communities – One Leg of Lamb at a Time: John Hooper
• The Experience of an Independent CDP in a Mostly Merged Irish Landscape: Ruth Smith, Emer Leahy
• Strengthening International Development for a Better Future:
Monday Nkemakolam
• Mobilisation and Constraint: Bringing about Social Change even against
Resistance: Shahzad Khan
• Care with Flexibility: The Flexible Welfare Practice of Hong Kong:
Leung Chi Yuen
• Contemporary Community Interventions in Kingston Jamaica: Grace & Staff
Community Development Foundation: Tanketa Chance-Wilson

School of Education SE009-L6
2. Community Economic Development: Pitfalls and Possibilities
• I4H: Experiential Learning and Practice That Engages With Community
Development Entrepreneurship: James Calvin
• Towards a Theory of Dark [Social] Entrepreneurship: Craig Talmage
• Creating Integrated Extension Programs Along the Colombian Cacao Supply
Chain: Tamara Benjamin, Michael Wilcox

School of Education SE010-L5
3. Coordination, Partnership and Participation in Community Development
• Facilitation for Empowerment and Social Transformation (FEST): A Step
Towards Social Transformation: Ammar Bahadur Air, Amina Singh
• A Community-Led Vision for the Future of Masterton Ahutahi ki mua:
Anna Brown
• Propelling Local Government Units Towards Adoption of the CDD Strategy:
Community Participation for Progress and Empowerment: Pamela E. Sullano

School of Education SE011-L4
4. Engaging Young People around the World
• Endogenous Attributes of Successful Youth Entrepreneurs in Selected Rural
Wards of Thulamela Local Municipality: Ishmael Obaeko Iwara
• Rural Youth these Days: Community Perceptions and Influences on Community
Engagement: Wilson Majee
• Youth Organizing as a Strategy for Fostering Educational Equality in a USA
Urban Community: Susan Matloff-Nieves
School of Education SE012-L3

5. Housing Rights
• Housing and Community Development: Seán Regan
• Housing Rights in Practice: Justine Bradd, Heather Ford,
Chloe Trew, Nicola Browne
School of Education SE013-L2

6. Traveller and Roma Rights
• Offaly Traveller Movement Horse Project Review:
Emma Gilchreest, Frank Kavanagh
• Proiectos Romano: A study of Roma Communities in Balbriggan:
Marianna Prontera
• A Community Development Approach to Research with Roma in Ireland:
Siobhán Curran, Gabi Muntean
School of Education SE014-L1

7. Women, Community Work and Violence
• Women, Gender-based Violence and the Potential Role of Community Work:
Sinead Smith
• Reframing to Enable Transformative Change: Cristy Trewartha
• How can Community Development Work to Promote Women’s Equality in
Rural Areas? – A Feminist Perspective from the West of Ireland:
Mary O’Donoghue
• Community Support for Divorced Women in China: A case of Guangzhou:
Suet Lin Hung, Kwok Kin Fung

Practice Workshops IV

School of Education SE230-L12
8. Discovering and Deepening Our Practice for Social Change Through Popular Education: Tina Lathouras

School of Education SE128-L11
9.(a) Alinsky Revisited: Alan Twelvetrees (45 minutes)
(b) Activist Film Festivals as Communities: Disrupting the Order:
Sonia Tascon (45 minutes)

School of Education SE129-L10
10. (a) Bringing Global Ideas to Build Healthier Communities: Karabi Acharya,
Paul O’Hara (45 minutes)
(b) Liberating Structures: Shifting Patterns of Interaction for Inclusion and
Innovation: Laura Rÿser (45 minutes)

Iontas Lecture Theatre
11. Inspiration across the Border: Identity and Participation in Rural Regions:
Klaus Hegemann, Korrie Melis, Felix Sohnrey

John Hume Lecture Theatre 1 (JHL1)
12. (a) The Community Development Education Project:
John Stansfield (45 minutes)
(b) Towards Shared International Standards for Community Development
Practice: Charlie Mc Connell, Colin Ross, Anna Clarke, John Stansfield
(45 minutes)

16.00 Tea/Coffee Break
16:30 – 18:00
Parallel Panel Sessions V

School of Education SE133-DR
1. Informing Participatory and Partnership Practice through Community
• Examining Participation and Power in Community Planning – Learning from
Northern Ireland: Anna Clarke, Gavan Rafferty, Rosemary Moreland
• Citizen Participation in the Irish Planning System-An Unfulfilled Promise?:
Catherine Corcoran
• Bridging the Workforce Skills Gap: A Unique Role for Community
Development Professionals: Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel
• Assessing the Viability of Film to Educate and Promote Community Based
Action: Ramona Madhosingh-Hector

School of Education SE009-L6
2. Community Development Leadership Perspectives from Professional
Organisations: Bryan Hains
School of Education SE010-L5

3. Community Development: Responding to Drug Issues
• Ireland’s National Drugs Strategy – the Rise and Fall of a Community
Development Approach: Anna Quigley
• Reduce the Harm – Working with People who Use Drugs to inform the
Development of Ireland’s First Supervised Injecting Facility- A Case Study of
UISCE: Brian Melaugh
School of Education SE011-L4

4. Community Development: Health, Culture and Suicide Issues
• Participation, Power and Progress Australian Community Development in
Suicide Prevention: De Backman-Hoyle
• Lighting the Way: The Development of a Community Health and Suicide
Bereavement Support: Joanne McNamara, Helena Cogan
• Sex-Talk in a Traditional Space: A Community-Driven Solution from Rural
Kenya: Laura Ann Chubb

School of Education SE012-L3
5. Community Economic Development
• Bottom-up Community Bazaars – A Case of Community Economic Strategy in HK: Yu Cheung Chan
• More than Employability – an Experience from Running an Employment
Enhancement Project: Cheong Hay Chu
• Networked Social Enterprises and Integrated Development in a Welsh
Community: Selwyn Williams, Ceri Cunnington
• Making Boulder’s Future Bright: Micky Zurcher, Drew Dawson
• Assessing the Economic Impact of Farmers’ Markets in Urban Areas: Ramona Madhosingh-Hector

School of Education SE013-L2
6. Empowering Local Leaders and Addressing Poverty and Planning Issues
• Four Decades of Community Work in Health Services Executive,
Co. Kerry, Ireland: Hilary Scanlan
• Community Development by Engaged Design in the Post-Industrial Inner-City: Ken Tamminga
• Sustainable Floridians – Empowering Local Leaders, Creating Community
Capacity: Jennison Kipp Searcy, Ramona Madhosingh-Hector, Holly Abeels,
Linda Seals, Alicia Betancourt
• Addressing Wicked Issues through the CIVIC (Community Voices, Informed
Choices) Initiative: Mike Spranger

Practice Workshops V

School of Education SE014-L1
7. Building Participative Practice Throughout Your Youth or Community
Organisation: Sally Daly

School of Education SE230-L12
8. (a) How can we build Fair and Inclusive Communities through Strategic
Conversations?: Enda Cotter (45 minutes)
(b) Intersections of Feminism, Empowerment & Community Development in
the Context of Domestic Abuse: Elizabeth Power, Evelyn Glynn (45 minutes)

School of Education SE128-L11
9. Realising the Right to Health: Community Development & Addressing
Traveller Health Inequalities: Ronnie Fay, Mary Brigid McCann, Missy Collins,
Patrick Reilly, Nurul Amin, Lynsey Kavanagh

International Association of Community Development AGM

Iontas Lecture Theatre
19.30Conference Dinner
Pugin Hall
20.30Irish Music by Úna Ní Fhlannagáin and Céilí Band Pugin Hall

Wednesday 27 June

08.30RegistrationIontas Foyer
Community Development, Civil Society, Local and Global Solidarity
and Support (Iontas Lecture Theatre)
Yaser Alashqar, Academic, Palestine and Ireland
Kwok-kin Fung, Academic and Community Worker
Rachel Doyle, Community Work Ireland
Suzanne Keating, Dochas Irish Association of Development Organisations
10.15 – 11:35
Parallel Panel Sessions VI

School of Education SE133-DR
1. Community Work: Addressing Racism and Hate Crime Locally and Globally
• Linking UN Treaty Bodies and Community Development: Working with CERD: Anastasia Crickley
• Documenting Racist Hate Crime and Institutional Racism in Ireland Today:
Shane O’Curry
• Bystanding Interventions – Communities taking a Stand Against Hate:
Shamsher Chohan
• The ‘curious grapevine’: 70 Years of Non-governmental Organisations in the
United Nations Human Rights System: Fiona McGaughey
• Collectivising Issues about Human Rights of Irish Prisoners Overseas: Nuala
Kelly, Anastasia Crickley

School of Education SE009-L6
2. Community Work and Disability
• A Disability Equality & Community Development approach ‘for & with’
disabled people in Ireland: Teresa Butler, Peter Kearns
• Community Desire and Disenchantment in Psychiatric Disability:
Lynda Shevellar
• Social Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in Uganda – A Photovoice
Study: Rosemary Nambooze

School of Education SE010-L5
3. Developing Leadership for Sustainable Community Development
• Expanding Educational Opportunities for Community Leaders Through Online
Programs: Ashley Kent
• Reaching Goals by Design, not Default: Teaching Community Leaders Practical
Planning Skills: Blake Christensen
• Cultivating Leadership for Sustainable Community Development: Dan Clark

School of Education SE011-L4
4. Educating Community Development Workers
• A Collective Pedagogy of Groupwork for Community Development Workers:
Ciara Bradley
• Examining the Foundation of Community Development Education in the
United States: Bryan Hains
• Developing Community Through Innovation, Leadership & Human Centered
Design: Bryan Hains
• Addressing the Fragmentation of Community Development Post-Secondary
Education Degree Programs: Ron Hustedde

School of Education SE012-L3
5. Global Civil Society, the State and Community Development
• Community Workers as ‘Border-crossers’: Local Practices & Global Principles: Marianne O’Shea
• Exploring the Roles of Students in the Attainment of Africanization and
Internationalization in Higher Education Institutions in Africa:
Ishmael Obaeko Iwara
• Neo-liberalism, Austerity and Brexit: The Challenge for Community
Development: Keith Popple
• Third-sector in Nigeria: Concept, Identity and Prospects:
Muhammad Bello Shitu

School of Education SE013-L2
6. Working with Young People
• Enhancing Sustainable Development Through Youths Empowerment: A
Practical Experience of CLEDA-Africa Vocational Skills Initiatives in Kaduna
State-Nigeria: Daniels Akpan
• Together We Can: Deirdre Tedmanson
• The Role of Data Gathering in NGOs: Hussaini Garba Mohammed
• The Khanyisa Transformative Education Project: Skhumbuzo Mlibeni
• Significant Change Stories from Development Perspectives ‘Insight
Programme’: Sheila Coyle

Practice Workshops VI

School of Education SE014-L1
7. (a) Unleashing the Power of Hope in Community Development:
Teryl Ann Rosch, Wally Endicott (45 minutes)
(b) Developing a Deliberative Dialogue Framework to Address Health Care
Needs in Wyoming: Kimberly Chapman, Juliet Daniels (45 minutes)
School of Education SE230-L12

8. (a) The Leave No One Behind Promise: How to Walk the Talk?:
Pierre Klein (45 minutes)
(b) The Role of 4-H in Community Development:
Stephanie Davison (45 minutes)

10.15Film screenings & Artistic Responses

Iontas Lecture Theatre
Film Screening: Using Creativity to Engage Marginalised Communities,
Michael James O’Hanlon

10.15 Education Building SE129-L10
Film Screening: Innovation, Inclusion, Media and Dementia, Trish Caverly

10.15 Education Building SE128-L11
Film Screening: The Community Capitals Framework on Film: Stories from
Minnesota and Kansas, USA, Huston Gibson, Gary Goreham

11.35 Tea/Coffee Break
11:55 – 13:10
Parallel Panel Sessions VII

School of Education SE133-DR
1. Change and Transformation: Local and Global
• Sharing Innovations in Community Change & Transformation: Connie Loden
• Community Development Planning Model: How to Increase Service User
Participation: Judith Dunlop
• Community Development: Community Educating and Role of the State in
Russia: Elena Shomina
• Advocating for freedom of religion and belief in the Irish Education System:
Reflections on the work of EQUATE: Equality in Education: Michael Barron

School of Education SE009-L6
2. Community Development: From the Local to the Global in Hong Kong
• Walking with the Underprivileged in Facing Giant Housing Problem in Hong
Kong: So Hung Tse
• Is it Resistance? A Case Study on Hong Kong Community Economic Projects: King Lai Wong
• An Empowerment Story in an old Urban Area of Hong Kong: Marco W.K. Lee
• Food Justice Discourse and Community Building Intersections within a MidSouthern U.S. Town: Rosalind Harris
• A Review of Community Development Services for Migrated Hong Kong
Nepalese Families: Suk Ling Villy Lo
• Education for What? The Social Mobility of Lower Class Youth in Hong Kong: Suk Ling Villy Lo, Chi Yuen Leung

School of Education SE010-L5
3. Community Health and Community Health Workers
• Healthier Communities, Brighter Futures: Carol Galvin
• A Self-Management Training intervention: Perceptions of Community Health
Workers in South Africa: Wilson Majee
• Community Health Workers’ Volunteerism and Task-shifting: Lessons from
Implementation Research in Kenya: Daniel Muia, Anne KAMAU, Lydiah Kibe
• THRIVE Initiative – (Transforming Health Relationships Innovation Vocation & Education): Patricia O’Duffy

School of Education SE011-L4
4. Community Work Around the World
• The Change came from Local Government Authorities: Dinh Thi Vinh
• Practical Problems of Community Work in Japan: Kanako Nakano, Shushi
SHIDO, Akane Okabe
• Socioeconomic Impact Evaluation of Asset Based Community Development:
Case of Gimbichu, Ethiopia: Wondwosen Seifu
School of Education SE012-L3

5. Migration, Integration and Community Development
• Silence of the RAMS (Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants):
Isobel Hawthorne-Steele
• KNOW ME! Not the Stereotype – Challenging Discrimination in our Society:
Bernie Bradley
• Internal-displacement and Immigration provoked by Oil Mineral Exploration in the Albertine Region in Uganda: Nakasaga Halimah
• Participative Engagement – A Community Development Approach to
Integrating Asylum Seekers in Galway: Obert Makaza

School of Education SE013-L2
6. Resilience, Love and Community Identity
• Navigating Uncertain Waters: Dave Donovan
• Perceptions of Community – Citizens’ Views of Community Vibrancy: Brendan O’Keeffe
• Building Age-Friendly Communities by Shifting Community Development
Practice: Lessons from Lifelong Learning: Craig Talmage, Mikulas Pstross,
Richard Knopf
• Centres of Resilience: A Tale of Two Houses: Mary Farrow
• Love and Community Development: Ron Hustedde

Practice Workshops VII

School of Education SE014-L1
7. Health and Social Outcomes of Community Participation in Primary Care:
Corina Catterson Flynn, Peter Walker, Paul Kernan

School of Education SE230-L12
8. In Conversation with Steinbeck: Journey through a Dialogical approach to
Community Development: Peter Westoby

School of Education SE129-L10
9. (a) Patterns, Practices and Processes: Collaborative Innovation in Strengths-Based Approaches to Community Development: Dee Brooks (45 minutes)
(b) Militancy, Power and Local Knowledge: Challenging Contemporary
Sociocultural Animation in Community Development:
Mario Montez (45 minutes)

10. Iontas Lecture Theatre Writing for the Community Development Journal:
Keith Popple

13.15 Closing Plenary, Iontas Lecture Theatre
Keynote Address Lynne Segal Feminist, Academic and Community Activist
Going forward from here
14.15 Conference Closes


19:30Film Screening: “Sumud: Everyday Resistance” followed by Q&A with the
Director Emmet Sheerin
School of Education SE133-DR