WCDC 2018 Practice Exchange


Purpose: To provide a practical insight into the work of community workers and community development organisations in Ireland working on a range of national and local issues. The organisations visited will include those listed below.

Learning Objectives:

  • To gain an overall understanding of:
    • issues facing communities in both Irish urban and rural  contexts
    • Irish community work, principles that inform it, methods used and outcomes achieved
  • To compare and contrast issues, approaches, methods and outcomes in Ireland and elsewhere
  • To consider how the approaches seen could be used in one’s own practice, research and teaching

Thursday 28th June: Dublin

The Dublin Practice Exchange will take place on 28th June and will cost €30-€35 per participant including coach travel, light lunch and initial contextual introduction.
To guarantee your place please contact info@wcdc2018.ie before 31st March. Exact costs and a timetable of the day will be issued after that date.

Community Development organisations included: 

The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland 

A national organisation working to promote justice, empowerment and equality for migrants and their families. For ten years, MRCI has taken a stand with migrants to tackle the root causes of inequality. Uniquely for a national migrant organisation, they use a community work approach with a focus on participation, leadership and empowerment, and have a strong track record in securing policy changes. http://mrci.ie

Fatima Groups United Family Resource Centre

The representative body of residents and projects in Dublin’s inner city. Established in 1995 by a Voluntary Board of Management, Fatima Groups United has been the driving force behind the successful regeneration of Fatima that has seen the physical and social transformation of the old flats complex. FGU operates from community development principles providing key services in the areas of health and wellbeing, education, employment, arts, childcare, counselling supports, information and advice, family support and advocacy, civic awareness and community development. http://fgu.ie

Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre

A national NGO that works to promote Traveller and Roma human rights in Ireland through research, policy development, advocacy and collective community action. Travellers and Roma are minority ethnic groups who experience very high levels of exclusion, discrimination and racism. Using a community work approach, the mission of Pavee Point is to contribute to improvement in the quality of life, living circumstances, status and participation of Travellers & Roma through working innovatively. http://www.paveepoint.ie

St. Michael’s Family Resource Centre

Established in 1986, the Family Resource Centre aims to foster community development in St. Michaels Estate and the surrounding area by enabling and empowering local people to become active participants in the process to influence social, economic, political and cultural change. They have a long history of using community arts as a tool for engagement and consciousness raising. http://www.stmichaelsestate.ie/projects/family_eng.html

Bluebell Community Development Project

Works to act as a catalyst for social change, based on the identified needs of the Bluebell community with an anti-poverty and social inclusion focus. Much of their work focuses on older people and people with disabilities. They are also part of a collective human rights complaint challenging the Irish government’s failure commitment to provide adequate housing for its citizens. https://www.bluebellcdp.ie/

ENAR IRELAND (European Network Against Racism Ireland) 

A national network of anti-racism civil society organisations working collectively to highlight and address the issue of racism in Ireland through the promotion and monitoring of EU and global anti-racist initiatives. ENAR Ireland is the Irish National Coordination for the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) based in Brussels. Through their established networks, they focus on work at national and European levels while also availing of opportunities at the international level where they arise. http://enarireland.org

The Irish Human Rights & Equality Commission

Ireland’s national human rights and equality institution. They are an independent public body with a purpose is to protect and promote human rights and equality in Ireland and build a culture of respect for human rights, equality and intercultural understanding in the State. The work of the Commission ranges from working at the policy level to review the effectiveness of human rights and equality law, policy and practice in the State and within public bodies, to working with communities and civil society to monitor and report on people’s real life experiences of human rights and equality on the ground. https://www.ihrec.ie/

Friday 29th June - Sunday 1st July: Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way Practice Exchange will involve engaging with a number of projects and initiatives along Ireland’s beautiful west coast and off-shore islands, including rural, urban, family, Traveller, partnership and youth initiatives.

Costs per head per day to include coach travel to and around the west as well as back to Dublin (approx 600km round trip), bed and breakfast, evening meal and associated admin, project and induction costs approx €135- €150 per day.

This 3 day Practice Exchange will take place from Thursday evening June 28th with departure from Dublin. We will return to Dublin on Sunday July 1st.

(Please note when considering the options that the estimated costs above are per day for a very scenic region during the peak tourist season and may vary).

More information will follow shortly.


Travel insurance is essential for this programme. Travel insurance should be paid in good time to ensure you are covered if you are forced to cancel. You undertake the travel with WCDC2018 solely at your own risk. Organisers both WCDC2018 and the local hosts in Ireland will not be responsible for any unforseen situations arising due to accidents, delay in train timings, etc.
You expressly agree to indemnify WCDC2018 and the local hosts in Ireland and its servants and agents and to keep each of them indemnified against any cost or expenses incurred or threatened to be incurred as a result of any costs, damages, expenses, loss or proceedings suffered or brought by yourself as a result of any act or omission whatsoever by any third party (whether referred to in these terms or not).